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What an amazing few months! I had my tour in June and it went really well. Wonderful audiences in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne!

Since then I have been working on establishing my singing studio in Brunswick, Melbourne. It has been going really well with more students calling every week. If you want singing lessons go to my TEACHING page.

I have been getting piano lessons with an amazing teacher, Scott Griffiths and it has made me fall in love with music in a whole different way. It has been a wonderful experience and his helping me immensely with my songwriting!

I just got back from Perth last night after a SOLD OUT show at the Ellington Jazz Club! I had such a blast and thank everyone for coming. I hope that I can come back again soon and maybe launch my up coming album. To be announced very soon! Yay!

I’m off to Brisbane this weekend, so if you are around come along to the Valley Jazz Fiesta! I am performing on the China Town stage at 4 – 5pm, Sunday the 28th of October. Some great bands are on before me including The View From Madelines Couch, Shannon Marshall and the Souls Almighty and little old ME!

I have some more exciting gigs in November but I will tell you about them soon.

Thanks again to all you amazing people that are supporting live music as with out you I wouldn’t get to do what I love to do and that is to SING!

Stay well,

Ell xo

P.s I also got this message on my facebook and had to share :)

Dear Elly, you are such an amazing singer and  teacher. When I first saw u on the stage I was really moved by your voice. Your voice has an amazing power which can touch people’s hearts, and you have a very warm and happy aura. I’m very proud to be your student. Thank you very very much for everything. I’ll keep singing till I die! I hope we can sing together on the same stage one day! heaps of love xxx from Mako



2 Responses to Elly Hoyt October Blog

  1. Josh

    Awesome to hear of your progress Elly. Keep up the great work. You are a star!

  2. Kalissa Willis

    WOW!! Thats all I can say Elly! What a pleasure to listen to! Your voice is a journey! Keep up the great work you beautiful woman!!


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